‘’For the land we  love, stand firm for the dream‘’

“FONG” stand for great mountain, “YU” stand for great water, we hope that Taiwan will alwaysbe a wonderland with beautiful scenery, It's also a homonym for " Plump ". Due to marine resources depletion by overfishing, in order to make the good expectation of “May there be fish year after year” continue to our next generation, aquaculture has become an inevitable trend. The 80's founder - Jason Lau said that the greatest joy in his school days was  taking care of fish. Although he haven’t learn about aquaculture at that time, but he has a lot of enthusiasm for aquaculture .  fter completing military service, he started aquaculture with his wife Jingyi Wang.  At first he justan apprentice’ , then  through his hard work and fundraising, he achieved his dream of starting a company. "How many people are lucky enough to develop a hobby they love into a career?"During the arduous process of  breeding and research, he keet reminding himself. Also with family and benefactor’s accompany and support , he will be able to move forward.