Probiotics for aquaculture

Fongyu produces safe and stable strains for different species, and has actually screened the most suitable strains through the animal gastrointestinal tract and environment, and there are special symbiotic bacteria culture (lactic acid bacteria, yeast, natto bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, etc.) beneficial flora, Naturally secretes a variety of natural enzymes, and contains amino acids, trace elements, vitamin B, ß-carotene and other natural sources of nutrients. In addition, Fongyu cooperates with certified high-quality biotechnology manufacturers to provide comprehensive after-sales service, including biological diagnosis and technical guidance on bacteria use, etc. It is deserve your trust.
  • Safe and stable strains
  • high-tech biotechnology products
  • the most suitable strains that have actually been screened by the environment
  • special symbiotic culture
  • all strains can exert their strongest effects and are stable
  • secrete a variety of natural enzymes
  • a variety of natural nutrient

Main raw materials:soybean powder, yeast powder, protein gluten, glucose
viable organism : saccharomyces, lactic acid bacteria, bacillus natto, photosynthetic bacteria
Deadline : Stored at room temperature for 12 months.
Product packaging:powder (1 kg, 25 kg), liquid (1 L, 20 L)

Cautions :
(1) Please use as soon as possible in order to avoid quality degradation after opening.
(2) Liquid precipitation is a natural phenomenon. Shake well before using.
(3) Self-activating susceptible to contamination, we recommend using the stock solution.